All rules must be read and taken into account by all members to ensure that the guild remains a friendly environment

-Set a good example
-Set a loot rule with the guild party to make it fair beforehand
-Don't forget to have fun
-Don't demand help if you're not going to give help yourself
- If a guild member offers to craft you an item you must help provide the materials, it is down to the person crafting you the item if they wish to help with any materials
-Guild is not a trade channel, please don't try and sell to guild.

All alts must state their main and alts in the guild player note.


Recruitment Policy:

When becoming a member of Planewalkers players will be a 'recruit' for 2-3 weeks to determine whether they fit into the guild, when the officers/leader believe that they will stick around and be a great addition to Planewalkers they will be recruited to 'member' status.


Instance loot rules:

- Roll need if you need the item but roll greed if you're only going to sell it.


Raid loot rules:

- Under Discussion.